Pop Up Display Wall

Pop Up Display Wall

Display Walls are a great “out of the box” solution for use in a wide range of exhibition settings – retail, trade shows and more.

A simple and versatile addition to your promotional arsenal, Popups feature a lightweight, durable frame that holds a curved or straight fabric panel, dyed with your custom graphics. Setups are a breeze – simply attach the graphic panel and expand the collapsible frame. Durable hardware, coupled with reusable/interchangeable graphic panels allow for long term, multiple-use applications.

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Graphic: Custom-dyed graphic panel with hook and loop fastening system. Available with open ends (graphic on front face only) or with end caps (graphics wrap around sides of frame).
Hardware: Lightweight accordion-style collapsible frame. Available in a versatile range of sizes and configurations, curved and straight frames. All frames are 12.25” Deep.

  • Carry Bag included with frame
  • Pop Up Counter available for additional storage

Additional information

Straight Size:

2 x 2: 60.5" W x 60.5" H, 2 x 3: 60.5" W x 90" H, 3 x 3: 89.5" W x 90" H, 4 x 3: 119" W x 90" H

Curved Size:

3 x 3: 92" W x 89.5" H, 4 x 3: 116.25" W x 89.5" H