Dye-sublimation is the fine-tuned process of infusing (sublimating) dry ink into fabric under heat and pressure. After the sublimation is completed, fabric is cut and sewn into finished apparel and display products.

We strive for vibrant, lively colours using a process called LATE BINDING.

This process allows us a larger gamut with more control on the outcome of your product. We build our files in RGB colour mode, unifying vector and bitmap elements to give us a larger pool of colour options (also known as gamut). Shrinkage of gamut can occur multiple times in early binding. By delaying conversion from RGB to CMYK at the printer, only a single shrinkage occurs. This gives us more control of the final product’s colour. With this process you can expect louder, more vibrant, and lively colours!

Custom Design

We love a good challenge and welcome the opportunity to work with our clients on “out of the box” creative solutions. From 8-foot pizzas to life-sized animals, we take on projects that others may shy away from. We work with you to create a cohesive design complementing existing branding or to create a whole new look. Our full-service design and art team consists of creative people who specialize in large format display and apparel design.

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Art Prints

Visual artists of all kinds choose Valley to reproduce their artwork onto fabric. Whether they need wide format fabric prints, throw pillows, quilting fabrics, 100 foot art installations or apparel, artists value the collaborative way in which we work.


Valley uses the Toyota Sewing System (TSS). A team of sewing operators works together in a U-shaped module of stand-up sewing machines One garment or flag passes from person to person until it is finished. This allows Valley to be flexible in scheduling, accommodating rush orders and short turn-around times. TSS also allows a higher level of quality control right from the first piece.

Colour Matching

We know that brands need colour consistency. Valley takes colour matching seriously. We work with our clients to find the closest achievable colour using a Pantone Matching System process.

Brand & Dealer Programs

Valley creates brand equity and dealer programs to ensure easy access to consistent branding. Every program is unique, and may include customized catalogues, order forms and fulfillment strategies to support dealers. Grow brand equity by maintaining a consistent, recognizable brand on backdrops, banners, shirts, flags, and many more, all from one source.